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Timber Barn Doors

Make A

Bold Statement

Unique, custom made works of art and furniture using recycled materials.
Introducing our custom timber barn doors. We make beautiful timber barn doors to your specifications. Add the rustic charm of timber to your home.

Custom Timber Barn Doors

The Best Materials. Handcrafted. Make A Statement

Recycled Timber

Quality recycled timber, handcrafted to unique perfection.

Iron Tracks

Bold, strong yet tracks run smooth.

Divide Your Space

Great for sectioning off space in your home.

Unique Handcrafted

Stunning artwork for your home

We are passionate about all things rustic, industrial, beautiful and functional in design. All pieces are handmade and created in the Haig & Colwell workshop, ensuring a high standard of manufacture and finish.

Handmade Quality

Recycled & Sustainable

Haig & Colwell pride themselves on using recycled, reclaimed and upcycled materials to design and create unique furniture, art work and barn doors.